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Unravelling the stress-to-diabetes domino

The shadow of diabetes looms large across the sun-soaked dunes and bustling cities of the UAE, with 19 percent of the population already afflicted and many more skirting the periphery of pre-diabetes, unaware of the tsunami of health risks awaiting them. In this landscape of prosperity, the silent yet profound impact of stress weaves its narrative, casting a domino effect that topples well-being and stirs the specter of metabolic dysfunction.

Against this backdrop, more attention is being given to the concepts of lifespan (how long you live) versus health span (how well you live).  Central to balancing both is a focus on stress, and how we handle it.

Stress – the imperceptible strain of daily life – can subtly recalibrate our body’s equilibrium over time. It’s a biological curveball, throwing our glucose levels into disarray, which is particularly alarming for individuals flirting with insulin resistance or prediabetes. Here in the UAE, the rapid pace of our lifestyles fuel the stress-diet tug-of-war, triggering choices that inch us closer to a diabetic state.

Sleep is often the first casualty in the relentless pace of our lives, along with the reprieve that it brings. The less we sleep, the more our hormones skew out of balance, prompting cravings and a voracious appetite for quick energy fixes and repetitive hits of dopamine. Poor sleep doesn’t just make us tired, it can make us significantly more susceptible to weight gain – a known risk factor for diabetes.

From stress, to sleep, to our habits around food, we form the axis of dysfunction.

And yet, within this cascade of increasing risk factors, there lies a silver lining – the potential for reversal. Type 2 diabetes, once considered a life sentence, has shown vulnerability to the very lifestyle alterations that it stems from. A change in diet, embracing physical activity, prioritizing sleep, and managing stress can not only halt, but potentially reverse the march towards diabetes.

At GluCare.Health, we understand that awareness is the first step in dismantling the dominoes of stress and its accomplices. Our approach is not just reactive but proactive, emphasizing the importance of regular health screenings. These check-ups are the pulse checks on your health, flagging early signs of diabetes, offering guidance, and crafting personalized plans to steady the dominoes before they fall.

As we navigate the labyrinth of modern life, the integration of technology in diabetes management becomes a beacon of hope. At GluCare.Health, we harness the power of digital therapeutics and personalized care to offer each individual a fighting chance against diabetes. The transformative journey from prediabetes to health is not a solitary one – it’s a collaborative mission.

This World Diabetes Day, let’s seize the narrative. The stress domino need not dictate our health story. With informed choices, each of us can steer the tide of our well-being. Let’s embrace that annual health check, let’s make those lifestyle adjustments, and let’s commit to a lifelong partnership with health.  And wherever you might live, seek out partners and the collective experience like the team at GluCare.Health that can be your accountability partners along the way.

Reversal is not a myth; it’s a path that begins with understanding and is paved with consistent action. Join us in this endeavor to halt the advance of diabetes. Together, we can set a new course—one where health is the horizon we strive for.

Ali Hashemi is the co-founder of meta[bolic] and Glucare.Health is for every body and mind in the UAE. This magazine is all about moderation, making small changes, little additions and the odd subtraction.



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