Why I love eating paleo

It takes more than losing weight to feel healthy, look healthy and stay healthy. 

With information coming at us from all sides, we all have our pick of diets and lifestyle choices. Whether it suits us and how long we will stick to any given plan is another matter altogether. That’s why I like the paleo method, simply because it’s a sustainable lifestyle, not just a diet. I started experimenting with this way of eating about four years ago, and found that after awhile I felt lighter and leaner, despite being in my 40s. Paleo eating has helped me be more mindful of what I ingest, more satisfied with my food choices and less bloated, too. 

Paleo advocates replacing processed flours, refined sugars and oils with nut flours, natural sweeteners (like dates, honey and/or coconut palm sugar) and coconut oil. The focus is on putting maximum nutrition in your body and reducing the intake of harmful toxins.

Paleo eating doesn’t call for a count of every calorie you take in or require completely giving up on carbohydrates. Paleo is all about diverting from the kinds of processed, chemically boosted foods that are so readily available these days, to more natural, whole foods instead. 

Some of the purported benefits to following a Paleo lifestyle are increased energy; greater stamina; clearer, smoother skin; weight loss; better performance and recovery; stronger immune system; enhanced libido; greater mental clarity; reduced cravings; and thicker, fuller hair. 

In her book The Paleo Approach, Sarah Ballantyne talks about how the Paleo diet improved her own health and helped her heal from IBS, asthma, anxiety, and migraines. She details how the Paleo approach can address the root causes of auto-immune diseases. 

Despite the benefits, there are a few wrinkles to overcome if you want to eat this way. Giving up dairy products means you have to keep an eye on Vitamin D levels. And organic ingredients are not cheap, so it can be a strain on the budget. 

Is Paleo good for you? I say a resounding yes, because it’s been great for me. 

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