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Why you should start running

Running is not everyone’s forte, that’s for sure. But for many people, running can be of great benefit in many areas of life, from building physical health to reducing stress. So if you’ve thought about taking it up  but haven’t quite got round to it yet, here’s why you should start running:

Mental fitness

Those who have made it past putting on their running gear will understand the mental gains that come from even one single run. Studies have shown that running can help you feel calmer, happier and more resistant to stress. Polish researchers found that just 15 minutes of jogging around three times a week reduced anxiety and depression and improved mood. 

Social ties

It’s a great social event. Whether you’re running for the first time ever or you’re a running toward a goal of some kind, talking to running buddies on a run can be very satisfying. So, if running alone hasn’t worked in the past for you, join a running crew, or find some people who will encourage you to go further. You will definitely notice a different side to running. 

It gives you a goal

Life in the UAE can be so fast-paced, we tend to get lost in it. Let’s take a second to forget about actually running and look at the goal of getting started. Everyone needs something to aim for. Whatever fitness level you are, there will always be a challenge when it comes to running. Any goal you set yourself doesn’t have to be big: it could be hitting 500 meters and then building from there. Once you start learning how your body moves, you will see the small wins that are involved. 

Weight management

Many people start running to lose weight. If this is your main reason, then tie in one of these other reasons for added motivation. Mixed in with some strength sessions, running can get you burning some serious calories. For others, running is a way to manage weight. If you prefer to do your own thing, all you need to do is step outside and there’s your running track for you to pound, free of charge. 

Running for a charity

How about running for those who cannot? For someone who is a non-runner or just getting started, this is a terrific motivator. Finding a charity that matters to you personally will help you soar and also allow the people around you to jump on that journey too, strengthening your purpose even more. 


If you’ve read this far, kudos to you. Maybe something about running has ‘clicked’ with you. It’s easy to say, “Yes, I’m going for a run tomorrow,” It’s much harder to  actually go for that run and more often than not, people don’t follow through, even though they had every intention of doing so. As a newbie runner, don’t discourage yourself by being overly ambitious at the start. Build your running up, build your confidence along the way and watch yourself grow. is for every body and mind in the UAE. This magazine is all about moderation, making small changes, little additions and the odd subtraction.



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