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World Vegan Day #recipe: Sugar-Free Vegan Chickpeas Chocolates

This recipe is courtesy of Abu Dhabi resident Cornelia Baciu, who halted the progress of her Emirati husband’s COPD by putting him on a vegan diet – not to mention losing weight herself, finding a new passion and preparing to publish a cookbook in the process. Here’s her recipe for sugar-free vegan chickpeas chocolates. Please share!


1 can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed

2 tablespoons of peanut butter

1 tablespoon of tahini

2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

10 pitted dates, soaked for 2 hours and drained

½ teaspoon of turmeric powder

1 teaspoon of acai powder

1 teaspoon of maca powder

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

5 tablespoons of Xylitol (sugar substitute)

100 ml of cashew or almond or soy milk

200 grams of dark vegan chocolate, melted


Mix all ingredients – without the dark chocolate – in a high speed blender or food processor until smooth. Pour into chocolate molds and freeze for at least 4 hours. Unmold and dip into the melted dark chocolate.


• Use any nut butter (cashew, almond, sunflower, pistachio) in case of peanut allergies.

• Use carob powder instead of cocoa – especially if you make these for children.

• Use sugar instead of xylitol if you do not want the sugar-free version.

• Substitute the acai and maca powder with a vegan protein powder if you want to enjoy these as a post-workout treat.

Featured photo: Cornelia Bacieu is for every body and mind in the UAE. This magazine is all about moderation, making small changes, little additions and the odd subtraction.



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