Boxica’s Cyrus Rustom: The gym community is everything

Ann Marie McQueen Ann Marie McQueenApril 26, 2023n/a4 min
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The LiveHealthy Podcast
The LiveHealthy Podcast
Boxica’s Cyrus Rustom: The gym community is everything

Cyrus Rustom joined the elite Royal Marines Commandos when he was just 16, spending five years in service that included a tour in Afghanistan. He opened his first gym in Dubai back in 2013 and traveled to Europe and the US doing research for his second project.

Despite opening in 2020, in the thick of the pandemic, three years on Boxica in Dubai Studio City has built a thriving community of 500 members and expanded from one studio to three, along with a large outdoor area.

In addition to boxing, Boxica now offers indoor cycling, fitness for kids and teens, Muay Thai classes, breathwork, yoga and ice bath sessions, and a cafe and smoothie bar.


  • Why community is everything when building a gym brand

  • Building a social life and catering to the whole family

  • Where fitness in Dubai might be headed next

  • Choosing Boxica’s pricing – and how it fits in to the market

  • The problem of over-exercising clients: and why gym owners need to step in

  • What being in the military taught him about overcoming adversity

  • Tips on pulling yourself out of your comfort zone

  • Why food and nutrition is so important

Where to find Cyrus and Boxica:


Instagram: @boxica

Podcast: The Boxica Podcast



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