what to do about hair loss

Losing your hair? Here’s what to do

It’s a debate that just won’t quit in the UAE. Many people blame desalinated water for what they feel is their greater-than-normal hair loss, and there is a decided shortage of scientific studies on whether that might be true. Experts in the field generally say that when it comes to greater-than-normal amounts of hair loss, there is usually an underlying health issue at play.

But what to do when it happens? Pastels Salon, which has three branches in Dubai, has just begun selling the CNC hair replacement system by Cesare Regazzi.

CNC – which stands for Contact Natural Hair – uses a personalized process involving a 3D printer to create a resin-like “second skin” that doesn’t trap heat, as well as hair.

Danielle Marzella, a hair loss specialist from the United States who runs Transitions Hair Solutions in New Jersey and has appeared on the Today Show, BuzzFeed and Fox News, brought the CNC system to Dubai and has been in the emirate this month teaching staff how to use it. She also answered livehealthy.ae’s questions about hair loss.

Danielle Marzella works with a client using the Italian CNC hair replacement system by Cesare Regazzi. Photo Pastels Salon

What’s a “normal” amount of hair loss?
Considering the average head has a hundred thousand hairs, generally normal hair loss per day would be 100 to 125 individual hairs.

Many people in the UAE complain about hair loss, and many of them are convinced it’s the water quality. Could this be the case?
I can’t comment on the water quality specifically in the UAE. However, water quality is a concern that comes up, with many people experiencing hair loss, all over the world. Sometimes “hard” water can cause breakage, because the hair can dry out quicker or it can cause an overall dullness in appearance.

What can people do about it?
I have seen people invest in water softeners or water filters. You can also use hair and scalp treatments. We’ve seen results with the CRLab product line and trichological protocol from Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories of Italy, which is the line I’ve brought to Dubai.

Other than medical conditions, what are some of the other reasons people experience hair loss?
Genetics is the most common cause of hair loss. Other causes include: hormonal changes, poor hair care, eating disorders and a poor diet.

What can people do to prevent/treat hair loss on a lesser scale at home?
You need enough calories, vitamins and nutrients in your body to support hair growth. If you’re not getting them, your body might not be able to support the hair growth you want. Hair can grow back once deficiencies are corrected, but it takes some time.

Trichological treatments can be a big help in returning the scalp and hair back to its healthiest form after deficiencies have been corrected. They can help return the scalp to its proper PH, hydration and sebum levels. By treating the scalp, it is getting to the root of the problem and providing the healthiest possible environment to encourage hair growth. The lengths of the hair can also be treated to infuse more moisture and protein into hair that has been left dry and lifeless from previous deficiencies.

We keep hearing about biotin. Does it work? If so, how and what is the correct dose?
Biotin can help to strengthen the hair shaft, increase hair elasticity and enhance hair growth. When it comes to taking vitamins, nutrients and supplements for hair health, it’s important to talk to your doctor about your own personal levels and needs. Your doctor can determine if there are deficiencies, and if additional vitamin supplementation is needed. It’s important to emphasize that you cannot replace a poor diet with supplements alone. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is your best choice to encourage healthy hair growth.

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