Ramadan healthy

7 steps to a healthy Ramadan

Exercising and following a healthy lifestyle can be difficult at the best of times — but maintaining that lifestyle can prove to be even harder during the month of Ramadan. Fasting requires a lot of energy and commitment. With dramatic changes in eating habits and sleeping patterns, this sudden shift in routine needs to be handled carefully. To ensure we do not neglect our health, Abu Dhabi 360, Abu Dhabi Sports Council’s recently launched emirate-wide

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Ultimate Performance trainers give their Ramadan tips

How to train like an Ultimate Performance coach through Ramadan

For many Muslims around the world, Ramadan can be a challenging time when it comes to maintaining good health and fitness. However, you do not need to let your health and fitness goals slip completely. At Ultimate Performance, which has a gym in Dubai, we work with hundreds of Muslim clients globally to help them through the month of Ramadan to emerge fit, healthy and ready to keep progressing with their goals. Many of our

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Musa Khalfan Yasin Ramadan

Fastest man in the UAE: ‘Ramadan lets you fully reset the mind’

The holy month of Ramadan is celebrated around the world by gathering with family and friends, and while much of that is centered around fasting and food, the Holy Month also provides a chance for people to be more conscious of their health – and it’s a good opportunity to find new ways to remain active. Musa Khalfan Yasin is an Emirati entrepreneur and athlete, champion of the 100 meter and 200 meter sprint events. So

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Nora Hameidani, founder of Barre Effect

Why not give barre a try?

Ramadan is known to be a month full of kindness and gratitude, as well as to detox and reflect. From my experience with Muslim clients, many continue to work out throughout the Holy Month, even while they are fasting.  However, everyone reacts to fasting differently, particularly the first few days or workouts. That is why it is important to take it easy, see how you feel, and not be too hard on yourself. If working out while you are

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