power to choose

The power to choose is yours

To watch a movie or rest at home. To eat a burger or a salad. To be nice or be aggressive. In the end, everything we do comes down to the power to choose. Choice: this simple word is well-known by influencers, trainers and writers who work to convince people to stop playing the role of victim.

During my coaching sessions, I deal with clients who complain about time, their children, their children’s homework, their partners and their lifestyle.

When I ask them a simple question, such as, “What do you want?”, I find them struggling. They want everything, but they don’t want to give it their time and effort. They want smart kids, but they don’t want to help them. They want a successful career and promotion, but they don’t want to pursue the necessary qualifications. They want a “full option” spouse, but they don’t want to accept their weaknesses. They want a perfect life, but they don’t want to accept changes. They want to be happy, but they don’t want to “be happy.”

At the end, it’s your choice. So what do you want? Make up your mind and think carefully before you ask for something. Eventually, for example, if I want to become a successful Emirati life coach, I need to work hard and study outside the regular hours of my job, attend training during weekends and accept time away from friends and family. I will miss out on some big events. But I must believe in what I do, and just let go of the negative feedback I hear. I must be patient and keep smiling, and find alternative ways to stay in touch with my children’s schoolwork and to follow their progress. I must ask for help if I need it, and somewhere along the way also stop trying to be a “Superwoman” who does everything by herself. This person does not exist.

Think of all the things you have in your life and reflect on your choices. Guess what? Your daily energy, behavior and character are your choice. It’s your decision to wake up in the morning and start your day with a smile, despite your children fighting. It’s your choice to work under pressure and give some time to listen to your annoying classmate. It’s your choice to come home after a long day at work and encourage your children to study so they can earn higher scores.

Yes it’s your choice, it’s our choice. We decide on the power and energy we want. A variety of energies are accessible for all human beings. It’s how we exercise them and choose the right one, at the right time, that makes a difference. Like a muscle, energy requires practice, exercise and hard work to get used to.

It’s your choice to be who you want to be now and tomorrow.

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